Attendance in all classes is recommended. Missed classes due to illness or emergency may be made up in a makeup class. Please note that your student may make up only two classes per┬ásemester, and you must arrange for┬ámakeup classes with the front desk by filling out a makeup class slip. We strongly discourage chronic absences and makeup classes, as this can become a distraction to other classes and an interruption to your child’s progression in our program. Please phone the front desk when your child will miss class due to illness or emergency.

Dress Code
Our dress code is color coded by student level. All students enrolled in the formal program and participating in Footworks Youth Ballet productions are required to have Bloch split sole leather ballet slippers and ballet pink mesh seamed tights. Leotards should be in the classical style. No jewelry or wrist watches. Please have hair in a neat bun with hair off the face and neck. No warm up clothes or skirts allowed in classes unless otherwise stated by school director or staff.